How To Customize Your Wedding To YOU!

7) Slide Show Of Bride & Groom Growing Up

Make a montage of pictures starting with youth pictures that progress to the most current photos of the couple. Play it on a screen in a conspicuous area of the room that everyone will see it.

8)  Crazy Hat Party

Have a table of different styles and shops of hats that the guests can customize with lots of accessories. Then watch the parade of custom hat styles that the guest will be showing off.

9)  Bagpipes

 Honor your Scottish or Irish heritage with a properly dressed bagpipe player. Keep the length of the performance reasonable so as to not over whelm the guests.

10)  Memory Candle

Honor anyone with a special place in your heart who has passed on with a candle, picture, and a special mention.

11)  Donation Cards In Lieu Of Wedding Favors

 In Lieu of a favor for the guests, make a donation to a charity in there name of the guests and  then give out printed cards to your guests stating such donation was made.

12) Your Own Monogram

Make a custom monogram and add it to your invitations, menus, seating cards, thank you cards, and anything else you can think of.

13) Sparklers Make It Sparkle

Give out extra large sparklers to the guests and take a night picture with everyone holding lit sparklers.

14) Send-Off

Have the guests gather to give a proper send off and use the opportunity to take a great picture.

15 ) Spectacular Photo booth

Rent a mall-style photo booth or a green screen style booth to let your guests take fun pictures. Then have the guests each make a page for a scrapbook with markers, stamps, and stickers.

16)Hollywood Style Step & Repeat Banner

Greet the guests like in Hollywood with a customized photo backdrop for pictures. Add a red carpet for an added special touch.

17) Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Let your guests feel like a kid again with three flavors of ice cream and a variety of toppings.

18)  Flip Flop Station

Placing baskets of various colors and sizes of flip flops for guests to change into goes great with a beach themed wedding.

19)  Unique Handmade Centerpieces

 Add a touch of your personality by hand making or assembling your own table centerpieces.

20)  One Fresh Flower On Every Place Setting

 A small touch of flowers that match your other décor is always an elegant accessory.

21) Cigar & Liquor Tasting Station

Offer a variety of cigars and super premium cognac/scotch for your guests to enjoy after dinner.

22) Make It Snow

Rent a snow machine to make it “snow” inside during your first dance.

23) Custom Printed Menus

Make a printed menu to place on the tables at each setting. Use a special paper and font to really dress it up. A unique monogram also adds a special touch. 

24) Brunch In The Morning

Schedule a Sunday Brunch for the out –of- town guests who stayed at a hotel.

25) Amenity Bags

Have them waiting in the hotel rooms of your out-of-town guest

26) Custom Napkin Rings

Great to match any special décor you might have.

27) Male & Female Separate Wedding Favors

Give different wedding favors to your male and female guests.

28) Large & Substantial Wedding Favors

Have them wrapped and labeled for the guests to pick up as they leave your reception.

29) Ice Carving

If you cannot think of a design that is special to you, carving your name into the block is always a nice touch.

30) Light It Up

Colored LED up lighting is one of the hottest things in event décor. Some catering halls have built it into their facility and include it into their packages at no charge.

Well Executed Theme Wedding

I specifically mention “Well Executed”, because if not done well, themes can come across as “Cheesy” or Fake” 



        50’s Nostalgia

        Wine & Grapes

        Pretty In Pink

        World Tour